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Songstress, Creatrix, Musician, Mother, Menstrual Magic Maker, Choir leader, Permaculturist, Conscious Connected Breathworker, Voice Coach, Band Leader of Dragonsfly.

Maya Love is a captivating performer and exciting choir and workshop leader. As well as leading the folk fusion band, Dragonsfly on multi-lingual vocals and bagpipes, her solo project carries her own songs and chants, born of Spirit and the Earth. These have been described as uplifting, powerful and even life-changing, conveying a depth of love, ecstasy and empowerment through her authentic charisma and her rich and exquisite voice. Accompanied by guitar and medicine drum, these songs have a healing quality that, when combined with Maya’s ability to “light up a room,” penetrate the depths of listeners’ hearts, often cracking them open to reveal the sweet nectar inside. In individual voice sessions and in choirs and workshops, Maya’s enthusiasm and encouragement helps many to grow their confidence to overcome their fear of singing and to discover the joys of lifting up our voices in song.


Maya Love Mandala


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