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Sing for Joy Choir

Maya’s joyful choir has been running in Wells, Somerset for nearly 20 years. They sing a wide repertoire of songs from around the world in rounds and gorgeous 4 part harmony. Maya has a natural ability to bring forth the best from people, resulting in them experiencing themselves as part of something profound and greater than the sum of its parts. All abilities are welcome and everyone leaves the session feeling better than when they arrived. And it’s good for your heart, lungs, brain and immune system!!!! 



“Maya is an inspiring teacher - she combines beautifully chosen songs with great harmonies - all this delivered in her inimitable style of laughter and encouragement. Every member is valued whatever their ability - it is simply a joy to sing with Maya and the group.” Jude.

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“I first came across Maya as lead singer of the band Dragonsfly. I then came across her work as a choir leader. She was a key part of the development of and workshop leader in the ground breaking Festivals of Death and Dying which took place in Somerset in 2018 and 2019 drawing considerable local and national media attention. 


Maya Love is a brilliant and accomplished performer and workshop leader, reaching her audience with an easy and natural warmth that invites them to feel included and uplifted. Her craft as a musician and singer has been well developed by many years of dedicated practise and experience.


The performances and workshops that she delivered at Festivals of Death and Dying was for many a significant highlight. She has a particular gift of bringing the axiom 'the healing power of music' to life. There were some who attended her grief tending song workshop from whom it was a life changing moment, they discovered something in themselves they didn't know they had and experienced a sense of connectedness that was a revelation. The ability to inspire this experience in others is a unique gift which Maya has in spades.


Maya's particular combination of embodied musicianship and communication skills are much needed now.” 


Henrietta Lang. BA Hons Oxon. Organiser. Festival of Death and Dying. Director. Excellent Device Ltd.

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