Singing Workshops / Retreats

Maya is currently developing a series of singing retreats specially for unlocking the authentic voice, using vocal and breath techniques, improvisation and harmony, to allow the deepest expression of the creative inside all of us.


These are two workshops Maya has previously run:


1. Sacred songs and chants from around the world:

Maya has been leading voice workshops and choirs for over 20 years, enjoying transcending boundaries of expression through exploring languages other than our mother tongue, as well as her own chants of empowerment and Earth spirituality.



2. Songs that tend to grief and joy:

Maya Love, band leader (Dragonsfly) and choir and workshop leader for over 20 years brings this workshop as an opportunity to learn and sing together some simple, short songs from around the world that tend to grief and joy. They are all easily accessible songs that “non-singers” can also join in with, that embrace grief whilst celebrating life. Expressing ourselves through song can be a valuable healing tool when it opens our hearts and allows our feelings to move, thereby freeing ourselves and experiencing connection with all life. All feelings will be welcome here and no-one will be expected to suppress or silence whatever needs to come out and will be held in the beautiful, healing power of the music together.

“Grief is subversive, undermining the quiet agreement to behave and be in control of our emotions.” Frances Weller.

"Joy is secretly concealed inside grief." - Old Proverb.


“I shall never forget witnessing Maya leading a kind of ‘singing out your grief’ workshop with a choir of about 30 at the Festival of Death and Dying. It was truly extraordinary. Rarely have I seen such a deep connection between music and the soul; a total harmonic outpouring, and a soul bearing. It’s like Maya is both an astonishing music maker/music catalyser, and also a kind of shaman. I cannot stress this strongly enough. She has unique gifts as musician, healer, harmoniser (in all senses of the word). No-one can get a bunch of people to SING like she can, and simultaneously to heal.”


- charleshazlewood.com